The feature you love to hate. Telephone menus are taboo for some, not so much for others. Well designed telephone menus that get to the point quickly and enable bypassing to an operator are the best type of automated attendant. That's what we provide with your Cooler Master PBX.

Automated attendants can answer your telephone immediately, or provide an 'extra hand' to take care of calls that may come in while all of your representatives are either already on a call or away from their telephones. Our automated attendants do more than just rattle off a list of menu options, they can offer a dial by name directory, allow direct dial to known extensions, allow direct bypass to a live person, as well as provide holiday hours or other routine information that your caller may need to know.

A variety of voice talent is available to assure you have the telephone presence that suits your style of business whether you're an eye doctor or an auto mechanic shop.

We will record your phone menus and other announcements using local voice talent at no charge for the initial recordings and subsequent changes to your announcement for one full year after you purchase your Cooler Master PBX. After the first year we charge subject to the rates posted for advertising on hold messages.


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