With Call Parking, you can quickly make a call available to any extension. This is a great tool for when you need to go to another area of your building and pick up a different phone, or when you need to find someone else to help your caller.

Traditional telephone systems with multiple lines often use "hold" instead of "park". While you may need to place a call on "hold" when you do so with a Cool Telecom PBX telephone, the held call is only available to your extension and can be resumed only from the extension where the call was placed on hold.

Call Parking allows up to eight calls to be parked at once. Call Parking is explained in more detail in our telephone user guide.

How to use this feature

To park a call

During a telephone call, you can park the call by dialing:

# #   (pause for a second)   7 0   #

Note: Pause briefly after the first two # keys. Allison will say "Transfer". Then dial the "park extension" 70 followed by #. After you hit the last # key, Allison will tell you which parking spot received your park. (e.g. 71, 72, 73, etc.) You can then hang up. The call will always be parked to the first available parking spot (71). if there is already a call parked on 71 then the call will be parked to 72, etc.

To retrieve a parked call

Simply dial the extension where the call is parked.

7 1 #   (or 72#, 73#, etc.)


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