A blind transfer is a Call Transfer that is not announced. During a traditional transfer, you have a moment to ask the recipient of the transferred call if you want to put the call through before completing the transfer. In a blind transfer, announcing the call first is skipped. The recipient's phone rings and they are directly connected to the caller who was transferred to them.

How to use this feature

During a telephone call, blind transfer the call by dialing:

# #   (pause for a second)   (Dial the number to receive the transferred call)   #

Note: Pause briefly after the first two # keys. Allison will say "Transfer". Then dial the number to receive the call followed by another #. The number you can transfer to can be a 3-digit extension number, a 7-digit local number or a 10-digit long distance number. In other words, you can transfer a call to any number that you can direct dial. After you hit the last # key, the call will transfer and your call will end. You can then hang up.


Transfer a call to extension 100 by dialing # # 100 #
Transfer a call to local number 555-9999 by dialing # # 5559999 #
Transfer a call to long distance number 800-928-0690 by dialing # # 8009280690 #


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