Call Transfer enables a user to relocate an existing telephone call to another phone or attendant console, using a transfer button and dialing the required location. The transferred call is either announced or unannounced.

If the transferred call is announced, the desired party/extension is notified of the impending transfer. This is typically done by putting pressing the transfer button on one of our PBX phones, dialing the desired party/extension; they are then notified and, if they choose to accept the call, it is transferred over to them.

On the other hand, an unannounced transfer is self-explanatory: It is transferred without notifying the desired party/extension of the impending call. It is simply transferred to their line by way of a "transfer" key on the operator's phone or by keying in a string of digits which achieves the same function. Other terms commonly used for an unannounced transfer include "unsupervised" and "blind". Unsupervised call transfer can be either warm or cold, depending on moment when B-leg is disconnected.

Call Transfer is described in our telephone user guide.

How to use this feature

During a telephone call, transfer the call to an extension by dialing:

Dial # #   (pause for a second)   ext #

For example: To transfer a call to extension 305:

Dial # #   (pause for a second)   305#


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