The pound key (#) is your friend. This feature of our PBX phone systems can save you about 4 seconds each and every time you dial a number (even with extensions).

Social media has many of us calling the pound sign (#) a "hashtag". Before it was used to begin a hashtag on social media, we've known it as the "number sign" or the "pound key". While you can use this to begin a hashtag on Twitter and Facebook (and other social media and websites) you use it on your Cool PBX to speed up the process of making a telephone call.

Many of the feature instructions indicate dialing the pound key (#) after you enter the number you want to call. Dialing the pound key tells the phone system, "This is the number I want to call, DIAL IT NOW." If you simply dial a 3-digit extension or a 7- or 10-digit telephone number and enter no other keys, the system will wait to see if you are done dialing digits before placing the call. This delay is only 3 or 4 seconds. Ending your number with a pound key (#) avoids the wait and instantly dials your number.

Why use the pound key? If you made 900 calls during a single month. Using the pound key after the number you want to dial will save you an hour of waiting for your phone to begin ringing your dialed number. Pound your phone. We encourage it!

How to use this feature

Simply add the pound key after each number you dial. It also works for many phone features like parking a call or setting a wake up call.


Call extension 100 quicker by dialing 100 #
Call the local number 555-1212 quicker by dialing 5551212 #
Call the long distance number 333-555-9999 quicker by dialing 3335559999 #


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