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The Cool Telecom Cloud PBX gives you the FREEDOM to do what you do best whether you're a realtor or an insurance agent, a locksmith or a mechanic, a home based entrepreneur or the CEO of a small to medium sized company. Block annoying telemarketers while allowing your customers to reach you when and where you want to be reached. (The Black List is just ONE of our many, many features)

The time has come to fall in love with a Cool Telecom Cloud PBX. Let the romance begin.

Experience Freedom

The Cool Telecom Cloud PBX is your gateway to unimaginable telecommunications freedom and reliability. The Cloud PBX is a replacement for physical PBX equipment that resides offsite in the Cool Telcom Cloud. This PBX can provide you with service which has no equal, anywhere!

The Cloud PBX works just fine with single line phones as well as multiline phones like the Cisco SPA525g2.


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