Mobileprenuers Get More Done.

With Cool Telecom, you can unleash your inner telephone ninja ... completely in control of your business communications. Screening calls, recording calls, transferring calls to and from your office is a breeze with your smart phone and Cool PBX.

Being in the Office when you're Not

Your cell phone can be a part of a call queue, a conference call or even make recorded outbound calls that appear to come from your office. When you place your caller on hold, they hear your hold music or advertising on hold Scott Forester loves this feature.  You will too.

You CAN Take it With You.

Say you're at your desk and a call comes in to your desk phone. It's someone you need to talk to. Someone you've been trying to reach for days. If you're on a tight schedule and need to leave your office, but you also need to finish your conversation, it's seamlessly possible to do both with Cool Telecom. You simply transfer your call to your cell phone extension. Pressing 4 buttons on your desk phone seamlessly transfers your call to your cell phone so you can get where you're going without stopping the conversation.

Cool Telecom is FREEDOM.

Call management used to mean managing interoffice calls. Cool Telecom blurs the lines between cell phone and office phone by treating your smartphone just like any other extension on the system.  Our clients love Cool Telecom Bria Stretto technology which allows you to call a customer from your cell while appearing to be calling from your office.  You can transfer, park, hold, conference, send to voicemail or do practically anything with the call as if you were at your desk using your fully featured IP phone.

Your customer's Caller ID will show your office number whenever you call with Bria Stretto. Each call is recorded for review later when you return to your office. Super handy for those times when you're driving and can't make notes.

If you'd like to know more, we'd be delighted to talk to you.

How do you see yourself utilizing the mobility of Cool Telecom?


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