Never Miss Another Call.

When a customer is ready to talk to you, her call should go through. If you have a phone system with a Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, etc., you're limited to one telephone call for each line that you have.  Cool Telecom blurs the lines by allowing you to make as many simultaneous calls as you have telephones.  For the amount you're paying for four lines through a traditional land line telephone company, you could be making 10 simultaneous calls instead of only four.

No More Waiting for a Line

If you routinely have employees staring at red line buttons waiting for the 'green light' to make an outbound call, you're wasting productivity.  Being able to make a call when you need to make one is essential to maintaining efficient, productive employees.

No More Busy Signals

If you're constrained by "lines" your customers could frequently get a busy signal.  The biggest crime of all is failing to be available for your customer when he or she is ready to buy your product or service.  Is there any excuse for missing a sale because you had 'phone lines' instead of Cool Telecom?

You could be doing more in less time at a smaller (or comparable) cost. What are you waiting for?  

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