If you cannot receive and or place calls on your Bria Stretto smartphone app, there's a few things we can try

There's a better than 80% chance these steps will solve your problem.

If your inbound calls are going straight to voicemail

If your calls are going straight to voicemail, your app may not even be running. Try restarting your app. If it isn't responding or connecting you may want to reboot your phone.

If you are connected via WiFi, try disconnecting WiFi (or vice versa)

Is your PBX system online?

If your phone system is unreachable due to Internet or electrical outage, you won't be able to use your Bria Stretto app until your phone system comes back online.

If none of these suggestions help and you still cannot place (or receive) calls, please submit a ticket to e4 Strategies (by clicking below) for assistance and be sure to include your username.

Contact Bria Stretto tech support by creating a support ticket here   .


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