FREE Service?

You heard us right. We're offering up to six months FREE service if you're currently under contract with your current provider. The offer only applies to montly recurring telephone service charges and does not apply to the purchase of telecom equipment, porting and other one-time fees.

We hate contracts. We know you do too.

If you're currently under contract, but you're disappointed with your current provider you probably feel trapped for another few months, six months or even a year. That's where we can help! If you have to break your contract with your current business telephone service provider, we'll help you pay it. That's how much we hate contracts.

What we'll do

If you have an early termination fee and that's why you're not quite ready to switch to Cool Telecom for your business telephone service, we'll help you pay it. We will provide you UP TO Six Months FREE service when you switch to us and pay an early termination fee to do so.

How it Works

Show us your early termination letter from your current provider.

We will give you a credit in the amount of your early termination fee up to the equivalent cost of your new service from Cool Telecom up to and including six months of recurring monthly service amount.

Dozens of Oklahoma Businesses have done it already!

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