What if you could take it with you?

What if you could take your office phone home with you when an impending weather event like an ice or snow storm will prevent you from opening your business the next day? YOU CAN.

What if you could still answer your calls if you couldn't make it in to your office. You can with Cool Telecom Remote Extensions. When you take an office desk phone home and plug it into your internet, it syncs up with your phone system and you can make and receive calls as if you were sitting at your desk!

Here's how that would look....

Our EPIC business telephone system has crazy convenient features and bleeding edge technology — yet extremely easy to use for call recording, call snooping, conference calling, call transfer and a ridiculous amount of other time saving and convenient features.

The Bria Stretto App lets you bring all that telecommunications horsepower with you on the go.

Huge Feature List - Small Price

  • Outbound CallerID appears to be your OFFICE number, not your cell phone.
  • Call Recording
  • FREE - Advertising On Hold
  • Remote Extensions
  • NUKE Unwanted Callers
  • Cell Phone App for 2nd (business) Line
  • Too many more to list here

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